Meetfox review: Is this scheduling and video conferencing tool as good as it claims?

There are multiple sales & customer success tools available in the market today. Finding the right tool can be challenging if you have researched extensively and know your options well. Today’s biggest pet peeve is finding a tool that provides value for the money we spend. Interestingly, we are okay with spending on the right platform if it gives us exactly what we need. Meetfox claims that it caters to sales and customer success teams by providing scheduling and video conferencing features to help manage appointments and meetings. In this unbiased Meetfox review, we’ll take a closer look at this platform and assess its features, pricing, user experience, and overall value. Let’s get started.

Meetfox Features

Before getting started with the Meetfox review, let us understand the features so that you can decide if it meets your requirements. A range of Meetfox features is designed to simplify scheduling and video conferencing. Here are some of the most critical ones:

Customizable Booking Pages

Scheduling doesn’t need to be about sending just links anymore. Meetfox allows you to create a personalized booking page that reflects your brand and lets clients schedule meetings with you quickly. You can customize the Meetfox booking page with your logo, brand colours, and other details. Meetfox scheduling tool makes it easier for clients to schedule appointments with you and ensures that your branding is consistent throughout the process. Sigh! This is my favourite part – you do not need any coding or designing experience for this.

Automated Scheduling

Meetfox syncs with your calendar and automatically schedules appointments, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication. When a client schedules a meeting with you, Meetfox checks your availability and schedules the meeting at a time that works for both of you, saving time and reducing the risk of scheduling errors. Moreover, your prospect will love the idea of less communication before the actual meeting. Timezones are automatically adjusted, and there are timely reminders from the platform to avoid no-shows.

Easier Video Conferencing

With Meetfox, you do not need to download any software and can register and start using the platform whenever and wherever with a single click. Meetfox video conferencing takes care of presentations, screen sharing, note-taking, recording, sharing and downloading with a simple and beautiful Meetfox user experience. 

Secure Video Conferencing

Meetfox video conferencing tool uses end-to-end encryption and secure servers to ensure your video calls are private and secure, which means that your calls are not vulnerable to hacking or eavesdropping.

Payment Integration

Meetfox allows you to collect payments from clients directly through the platform. You can set your rates, create invoices, and collect payments from clients all in one place. Meetfox payment integration makes it easier to manage your finances and reduces the risk of payment errors. Note that the platform also helps you with cancellation policies and flexible charging options to provide a hassle-free payment experience. 

Meetfox review – Pros and Cons


  • Meetfox user experience is a definite advantage for the tool, as several users have hailed its ease of use
  • Clean and modern interface
  • Seamless video conferencing feature with good audio and video quality
  • Payment collection can be a breeze as per one user
  • Friendly support team


  • Limited features as per a user
  • No downloadable mobile app
  • Needs to work on refund policy as per a user

Source: G2 Crowd Platform

Meetfox reviews by paid users

Meetfox has been an absolute lifesaver for me. As a remote worker, I rely heavily on video conferencing for meetings, and Meetfox has made it so easy to schedule and join calls. The quality of the video and audio is top-notch, and I’ve had no issues with the platform so far.” – John T.

The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, and the pricing is reasonable. I also love that the video conferencing is secure and that I can collect payments directly through the platform.” – Jane K.

The automated scheduling feature has saved me a lot of time, and the custom booking pages are a nice touch. I’m quite glad with the platform.” – Mike S.

Sources: Trustpilot, SoftwareAdvice, GetApp

Meetfox Pricing

Meetfox offers three pricing plans: Basic, Professional, and Business. Here’s a breakdown of each plan:

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is free and includes calendar integration, video conferencing, and custom booking pages. This plan is ideal for freelancers or small businesses who need a simple scheduling and video conferencing tool. However you can move to paid plan if you are scaling your business later.

Professional Plan

The Professional plan costs $10/user per month and adds features like payment integration and advanced scheduling options. This plan is ideal for those who need payment integration and more advanced scheduling options.

Business Plan

The Business plan costs $35/user per month and includes all the Professional features, team management tools, and analytics. This plan is best for teams or larger organizations who need to manage multiple users and analyze their scheduling and video conferencing data. 

Note: All prices are as per the Meetfox pricing page and are billed yearly.

Meetfox review in a nutshell – Is it worth its price?

Overall, Meetfox offers good value for its pricing. It is always recommended to discuss your requirement with the Meetfox sales team and then choose a plan that suits your requirements. Alternatively, you can register for a 15-day trial and continue if the tool meets your expectations. We do know that evaluating a tool does take time and effort but Meetfox’s range of features, ease of use, and reasonable pricing make it a strong market contender.

How to get started with Meetfox?

Use the Meetfox signup page to get started with Meetfox either by Google OAuth or by entering your details.

Meetfox signup page screenshot

Once registered, you will be redirected to the Meetfox dashboard to access the creation of meetings and personalize the booking page and other settings.

Meetfox dashboard screenshot


In conclusion, Meetfox is a comprehensive scheduling and video conferencing tool that offers a range of features designed to streamline your scheduling and video conferencing processes. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or part of a larger organization note that Meetfox has something for everyone.


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