You are currently viewing NinjaOutreach Review: The Ultimate Tool for Outreach and Influencer Marketing

NinjaOutreach Review: The Ultimate Tool for Outreach and Influencer Marketing

Do you need help connecting with influencers, managing your outreach campaigns, and improving your marketing efforts? NinjaOutreach might be the solution you’ve been searching for. In this article about NinjaOutreach review, we’ll dive deep into this powerful marketing software and explore its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

What is Ninja Outreach?

NinjaOutreach is a comprehensive marketing automation platform offering various features to streamline outreach campaigns and improve marketing performance. The platform is designed to help businesses and marketers connect with influencers, build relationships with bloggers, and reach out to potential customers across various channels. Here is an overview of some of the critical features of NinjaOutreach and how they can be used for different marketing purposes:

Outreach Automation

NinjaOutreach offers an outreach automation feature to help businesses save time and resources while improving response rates. The platform provides customizable templates and automated follow-ups to help you stay on top of your outreach efforts.

Influencer Marketing

NinjaOutreach allows businesses to find influencers in their niche and build relationships with them. With a searchable database of millions of influencers, NinjaOutreach makes finding the right people to work with easy. The platform also provides tools for tracking the performance of your influencer campaigns.

Email Marketing

NinjaOutreach offers a built-in email marketing tool to help businesses create and send personalized emails to their prospects and customers. The platform also provides tools for tracking opens, clicks, and conversions.

Social Media Marketing

NinjaOutreach can be used to find and connect with potential customers on social media. With features like social media search and automation, the platform can help businesses grow their social media following and engage with their audience.

Content Marketing

NinjaOutreach offers a range of features for content marketing, including content research, content promotion, and guest posting. The platform can help businesses find relevant content to share with their audience and promote it to other bloggers and publishers.

Link Building

NinjaOutreach can help businesses build high-quality backlinks to their website through guest posting, broken link building, and other link-building strategies. The platform provides tools for finding link-building opportunities and tracking your progress.

Digital PR

NinjaOutreach offers a range of features for digital PR, including media outreach and press release distribution. The platform can help businesses reach out to journalists and bloggers to get their brand and message in front of a wider audience.

Blogger Outreach

NinjaOutreach provides various tools for finding and reaching out to bloggers in your niche. The platform offers customizable email templates and automated follow-ups to help businesses build relationships with bloggers and promote their website content.


NinjaOutreach offers a range of features for improving your website’s search engine ranking, including backlink tracking, keyword research, and competitor analysis. The platform can help businesses identify areas for improvement and optimize their content and outreach efforts accordingly.

NinjaOutreach Review: Features

Outreach Templates

Easily customize your outreach emails to fit your brand and goals

Contact Finder

 Find email addresses and social media profiles of potential leads and influencers.


Keep track of your contacts and outreach campaigns in one place

Social Media Prospecting

Identify and engage with potential customers or influencers on social media.

Influencer Marketing

Find influencers and manage influencer campaigns

Email Marketing

Easily create & schedule personalized emails to your contacts

Link Building

Find and build high-quality links to boost your SEO


Track the performance of your outreach campaigns and measure your ROI

Pros and Cons of NinjaOutreach


Time-saving, efficient, easy-to-use, effective outreach automation, influencer marketing, and link-building features, affordable pricing plans


Limited social media integrations, limited customization options for outreach templates, occasional glitches in the platform

NinjaOutreach Review – Pricing Plans

NinjaOutreach offers three pricing plans: Flex, Silver, and Silver Plus. The Flex plan costs $155 monthly(based on an annual plan) and best suits individuals and startups with limited needs. 

The Silver plan is priced at $255 monthly and is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, while the Silver Plus plan is designed for teams and starts at $459 per month. You can find the comprehensive information here.

Regarding pricing, NinjaOutreach is competitively priced compared to its competitors. While some features are exclusive to higher tiers, even the lower-priced ones offer robust features suitable for most businesses. Overall, NinjaOutreach provides good value for the money, particularly considering the time and effort saved by using its automation and outreach features.

NinjaOutreach Review – Case Studies

Influencer Marketing

Fiddler’s Dream Music used NinjaOutreach to find influencers in their industry and reach out to them for collaboration opportunities. They identified the right influencers based on their niche, engagement rate, and audience demographics. This led to successful partnerships and increased brand awareness among the target audience.

Link Building

A logo creation company, Looka used NinjaOutreach to find relevant websites in their industry and reach out to them for link-building opportunities. They were able to identify websites with high domain authority and create quality backlinks for their clients. They also saw better reply rates through their campaign with NinjaOutreach.

Email Marketing

A software company Convertica used NinjaOutreach to create personalized email campaigns and reach potential customers. They could automate their outreach process and personalize their messages based on the recipient’s industry and interests. This led to increased email open rates and conversions.

Social Media Marketing

A beauty brand used NinjaOutreach to find micro-influencers on Instagram and collaborate with them for social media campaigns. They created engaging content and increased their brand awareness among their target audience.

Content Marketing

A journal & diary company TOAD used NinjaOutreach to find relevant bloggers in the travel industry and collaborate with them for content creation. They were able to create high-quality blog posts and increase their website traffic through backlinks from the blog posts.

In these examples, NinjaOutreach provided businesses with a comprehensive outreach automation platform to identify, reach out and collaborate with relevant influencers, bloggers, websites, and other marketing opportunities to improve their brand awareness and marketing campaigns.


We hope you liked our article on NinjaOutreach review. With its intuitive user interface, powerful search capabilities, and robust analytics, NinjaOutreach makes it easy for businesses to find and connect with influencers, bloggers, journalists, and other key players in their industry. By automating outreach and marketing tasks, companies can save time and focus on creating high-quality content and building relationships with their audience.

Furthermore, NinjaOutreach offers a range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets. With the ability to customize plans based on specific needs, companies can get the features they need at a price they can afford. Plus, with its excellent customer support and online resources, NinjaOutreach is always available to help businesses maximize their investment.


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