Deel reviews: All-in-one HR platform or are they?

The importance of online tools for remote work cannot be overstated. With traditional office-based work, physical resources are available to manage and communicate with team members. However, with remote work, these resources are not available. This is where online tools like Deel come in. Deel provides a centralized platform for communication, collaboration, contract management, and payroll management, making it easy for employers to manage their remote teams efficiently. In this comprehensive article on Deel reviews, we will cover everything you need to know about Deel. 

Deel Overview – What is Deel?

Deel is a comprehensive platform offering various features to help remote teams work more efficiently. One of the critical features of Deel is its ability to handle payroll and payments for freelancers and remote workers. With Deel, employers can easily manage and pay their remote teams without worrying about complicated paperwork or compliance issues.

In addition to its payroll and payment processing capabilities, Deel offers several other features to help remote teams work more effectively. We will cover everything about the platform in this article about Deel reviews.

Deel Pricing

The article about Deel reviews would only be complete with us discussing the pricing options. Deel offers three pricing plans for its users: Direct employees, Employees, and Contractors. The Direct employees’ plan includes access to Deel’s platform, including onboarding & offboarding, Payroll, Benefits, Time off, expenses, & bonuses, Documents, Government declarations, Payslips, and more. The plan is free to start. 

The contractors’ plan starts at $49/month and includes

Localized agreements, Milestone, hourly, or fixed contracts, Compliance documents collection, 5+ payment methods for 150+ countries, Automated invoicing, Perks and benefits, Time off and expenses, etc

The Employees’ plan is customized for each user, starts at $599, and includes Localized agreements, Payroll handling all taxes and deductions, Exceptional benefits, Payslips, Time off, expenses, and bonuses, Compliance documents collection & Advanced IP protection.

Overall, Deel’s pricing plans are flexible and scalable, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Deel Reviews about the platform

Ease of Use and Navigation

One of the most significant benefits of using Deel is its intuitive user interface. The platform is designed with a clean and modern layout, making it easy to navigate for both employers and freelancers. Upon signing up for the platform, users have a clear dashboard that provides quick access to all essential features.

The platform is divided into two sections: one for employers and one for freelancers. The employer section includes creating and managing contracts, inviting team members, and approving payments. The freelancer section includes browsing job opportunities, submitting proposals, and collecting payments.

Deel also provides a comprehensive onboarding process for employers and freelancers, which we will discuss in more detail later in the article. The onboarding process is straightforward and guides users through each step of the setup process.

Reliability and Stability

Another crucial factor when evaluating an online platform is its reliability and stability. In this regard, Deel performs exceptionally well. The platform is built with robust technology and has been tested extensively to ensure reliability and stability.

Deel also takes data security seriously, and the platform fully complies with international data protection laws. All data on the platform is encrypted and stored securely, providing users with peace of mind that their sensitive information is safe.

In summary, Deel’s platform provides an excellent user experience, with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features that make managing remote workers and handling payroll as seamless as possible. Additionally, the platform is reliable, stable, and secure, giving users confidence in the safety of their data.

Deel vs. Competitors

Deel faces competition from platforms such as Upwork,, and Payoneer. While these platforms offer similar features to Deel, some key differences set Deel apart.


Upwork is a popular platform for freelancers and employers, offering a wide range of services such as web development, content writing, and digital marketing. However, Upwork’s fees can be higher than Deel’s, and its platform can be more complicated. is another platform that connects freelancers with employers, offering graphic design, data entry, and programming services. However, charges higher fees than Deel, and its platform could be more user-friendly.


Payoneer is a platform that facilitates global payments, making it easy for employers to pay freelancers from anywhere. However, Payoneer’s fees can be higher than Deel’s, which offers different contract management features.

Deel’s Unique Selling Points:

Deel’s unique selling points include its user-friendly platform, comprehensive features, and competitive pricing. Deel’s extensive features, including automated onboarding, contract management, and global payments, make it a one-stop shop for managing remote teams and handling payroll. Finally, Deel’s pricing is competitive, with plans tailored to different business needs.

While Deel faces competition from other platforms in remote work and payroll management, its unique features, user-friendly platform, and competitive pricing make it a strong choice for businesses looking to manage remote teams and handle payroll.

Deel reviews – Freelancers

Discuss the benefits of using Deel for freelancers, including access to global job opportunities and streamlined payment processes.

Deel is an online platform that has revolutionized how freelancers find work and get paid. Freelancers can register on Deel’s platform and access global job opportunities tailored to their skills and experience. Deel offers freelancers a range of benefits, making it an attractive option for remote work.

Benefits of using Deel for freelancers

One of the most significant benefits of using Deel for freelancers is the streamlined payment process. Deel allows freelancers to get paid quickly and easily for their work, regardless of where they are. Freelancers can avoid the hassle of dealing with complex international payment systems and focus on their work instead.

In addition, Deel’s platform is also designed to make it easy for freelancers to find work well-suited to their skills and experience. Freelancers can search for jobs based on their location, skills, and other preferences, which helps them find work they enjoy and are qualified for.

Another benefit of using Deel for freelancers is that it gives them access to various resources that can help them improve their skills and advance their careers. Deel offers freelancers training, support, and access to a network of other freelancers who can provide advice and guidance.

Overall, Deel provides a range of benefits to freelancers that make it an attractive option for those looking for remote work. From streamlined payment processes to a range of job opportunities and resources, Deel is designed to help freelancers succeed in the ever-changing world of remote work.

Deel reviews – Remote Work

As remote work becomes increasingly popular, it can take time for employers to manage their teams and projects effectively. Deel offers several features that can help employers manage remote teams more efficiently.

One of the most critical features is communication. Deel provides employers with tools for seamless communication with remote team members, including instant messaging and video conferencing. This allows real-time collaboration, which is essential for remote teams to stay on track and meet their objectives.

Deel also offers project management tools to help employers track progress and manage tasks. These tools include project timelines, task assignments, and progress tracking, allowing employers to monitor the progress of their remote teams in real Time.

Another essential feature of remote team management is collaboration. Deel provides employers with tools to facilitate cooperation between team members, including shared workspaces and document collaboration. These tools allow team members to work together on the same project simultaneously, even if they are located in different parts of the world.

Employers can also ensure that their remote teams work efficiently and productively using Deel’s platform. The platform provides employers with real-time analytics and reporting, which can help them identify areas where their team members may need additional support or training.

Deel’s communication, collaboration, and project management features can help employers manage their remote teams more effectively and efficiently. With the right tools and support, remote teams can be as productive and successful as those working in a traditional office setting.

Deel Benefits

Highlight the benefits of using Deel, including Time and cost savings, increased productivity, and reduced risks associated with remote work.

Deel offers a range of benefits to employers and freelancers looking to manage remote work efficiently. Here are some of the key benefits of using Deel:

Time and Cost Savings

Deel simplifies the process of managing payroll and contracts for remote workers, saving employers and freelancers Time and money that would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks.

Increased Productivity

With features like time tracking and project management tools, Deel helps teams stay organized and on track, resulting in increased productivity and better results.

Reduced Risks

Deel ensures compliance with local labor laws and regulations, reducing the risks of hiring and managing remote workers.

Access to Global Talent

Deel allows employers to access a global talent pool of freelancers, providing access to a broader range of skills and expertise.

Streamlined Payment Processes

Deel’s payment system ensures that freelancers are paid on time and securely, reducing the risks of payment delays or fraud.

Deel reviews – User Experience

Deel’s user experience is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, making it easy for employers and freelancers to sign up, set up profiles, and begin collaborating on projects. Here is an in-depth review of Deel’s user experience:

Signing up

The sign-up process for Deel is quick and easy. Users can sign up using their Google or LinkedIn accounts or by providing their email addresses and creating a password. Once users have created an account, they undergo a simple onboarding process that guides them through the platform’s features and helps them set up their profile.

Setting up profiles

Setting up a profile on Deel is straightforward. Employers and freelancers can create detailed profiles that showcase their skills, experience, and qualifications. Employers can also create company profiles highlighting their culture, values, and mission. These profiles match freelancers with relevant job opportunities and help employers find suitable candidates for their projects.

Submitting proposals or job requests

Deel’s platform makes it easy for freelancers to offer suggestions or job requests for available projects. Employers can post job listings that freelancers can browse, or they can invite specific freelancers to apply for their projects. Freelancers can submit proposals that outline their qualifications, experience, and expected compensation. Employers can then review these proposals and choose the best candidate for the job.

Communication and collaboration

Deel’s platform includes a suite of communication and collaboration tools that make it easy for remote teams to work together effectively. Employers and freelancers can communicate through the platform’s messaging system and share files and documents through the platform’s file-sharing feature. Deel also includes project management tools that allow employers to set deadlines, track progress, and manage tasks.

Overall, Deel’s user experience is designed to be simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. Whether you are an employer looking to hire freelancers or a freelancer looking for job opportunities, Deel’s platform makes it easy to connect and collaborate on projects.

Deel reviews – Onboarding Process

Setting up an account with Deel is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Here are the steps involved in setting up an account with Deel:

Go to Deel’s website: To get started, you’ll need to visit Deel’s website at

Click on the “Sign Up” button: Once on Deel’s homepage, click the “Sign Up” button at the top right corner.

Choose your account type: You’ll be prompted to choose whether you’re signing up as an employer or freelancer.

Enter your details: Regardless of whether you’re signing up as an employer or freelancer, you’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself, including your name, email address, and a secure password.

Verify your account: Once you’ve entered your details, you will receive an email to verify your account.

Complete your profile: After verifying your account, you’ll be prompted to complete your profile. This includes adding payment information, setting up preferred payment methods, and uploading necessary documents.

Start using Deel: Once you’ve completed your profile, you can start using Deel to manage your remote work and payroll needs.

Deel’s onboarding process is designed to be simple and user-friendly, making it easy for employers and freelancers to start. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process and verified your account, you’ll be guided through the various features and tools available on the platform.

For employers, the onboarding process includes the following:

  • Setting up your company profile.
  • Adding team members.
  • Creating contracts for your freelancers.

Deel’s contract management system makes creating and managing contracts easy, ensuring employers and freelancers are protected throughout the working relationship.

For freelancers, onboarding includes setting up your profile, adding payment information, and searching for available jobs. Deel’s platform provides freelancers access to a global network of job opportunities, making finding work matching their skills and experience easy.

Overall, Deel’s onboarding process is designed to be fast and efficient, allowing both employers and freelancers to get started with minimal hassle. The platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy to navigate, ensuring that users can quickly find the tools and features they need to manage their remote work and payroll needs.

Deel reviews – Contract Management

Deel offers a robust and streamlined contract management system that makes creating, signing, and managing contracts a breeze.

First, when an employer invites a freelancer to work on a project through Deel, the platform automatically generates a contract that includes all the necessary terms and conditions. Employers can customize these contracts to fit specific requirements, payment terms, and project details.

Once the contract is ready, the employer and freelancer can sign it electronically, eliminating the need to print, scan, or mail physical copies. This process saves both parties a lot of time and effort, especially for remote workers needing access to printers or scanners.

Deel also provides a centralized platform for managing contracts, where employers and freelancers can access and review their agreements. The platform tracks the progress of each contract, including the completion of project milestones and payment transactions.

In addition, Deel ensures compliance with local labor laws and regulations by providing standard contract templates that include the necessary legal provisions. This helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance and avoid legal disputes.

Overall, Deel’s contract management system simplifies the contract process and provides a transparent and efficient way for employers and freelancers to manage their agreements.

Deel Reviews – Payroll

Deel’s payroll system is designed to be easy to use, with a simple interface that makes it easy to set up and manage payments. Employers can use the platform to control all aspects of payroll, including setting up payment schedules, collecting taxes and compliance, and handling employee expenses.

One of the critical features of Deel’s payroll system is its ability to handle payments in multiple currencies. This is particularly useful for employers with remote teams in different parts of the world. Deel’s platform automatically calculates exchange rates and handles all currency conversions, making it easy for employers to pay their remote teams in their local currencies.

Another critical feature of Deel’s payroll system is its integration with Deel’s contract management system. This means that employers can set up payment schedules that are automatically linked to their contracts, ensuring that payments are made on time and in compliance with the terms of the agreement.

Pros and Cons of Using Deel’s Payroll System

Like any payroll system, Deel’s platform has its pros and cons. Here are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of using Deel’s payroll system:


Streamlined Payment Processes: Deel’s payroll system is designed to be easy to use, with a simple interface that makes it easy to set up and manage payments.

Multiple Currency Support: Deel’s platform can handle payments in various currencies, making it easy for employers to pay their remote teams in their local currencies.

Integration with Contract Management System: Deel’s payroll system is integrated with the platform’s contract management system, ensuring that payments are made on time and in compliance with the contract terms.

Compliance: Deel’s payroll system ensures that all payments comply with local tax and labor laws, reducing the risk of legal issues.


Limited Payment Options: Deel’s platform only supports a limited range of payment options, including bank transfers and debit cards.

Fees: Deel charges a fee for using its payroll system, which may disadvantage employers with smaller budgets.

Limited Customer Support: Deel’s customer support is limited to email and chat, which may need to be improved for some employers who need more personalized help.

Deel’s payroll system is a valuable tool for employers who need to manage payments for their remote teams. While the platform has some limitations, its ease of use and multiple currency support makes it a strong choice for many employers. Reviews By Users

Deel is a well-regarded platform for managing remote work and payroll, but what do users say about their experience using the platform? Here are some reviews and ratings from popular review websites:

Deel has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, based on over 2,200 reviews. Users praise the platform’s user-friendly interface, helpful customer support, and streamlined payment process. One user writes, “Deel has made it much easier for us to manage remote team members and pay them on Time. The platform is easy to use and has all the necessary features.”

On G2, Deel has 4.6 out of 5 ratings based on over 200 reviews. Users appreciate the platform’s compliance features, such as automated tax calculations and document management, and its integration with tools like Slack and Zapier. One user writes about the platform: “Deel has saved us countless hours managing payroll and contracts. The platform is reliable, and the support team is always responsive.”


In conclusion, Deel is a comprehensive platform for managing remote work and payroll, offering a range of features designed to streamline the process and improve efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, reliable platform, and unique benefits such as global job opportunities and simplified contract management, Deel has quickly become a go-to platform for employers and freelancers.

Deel is a valuable tool for any organization or individual looking to manage remote work and payroll more effectively. Whether you’re a freelancer seeking global job opportunities or an employer operating a remote team, Deel’s features and benefits can help you achieve your goals and improve your work processes.


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